Can I really use SUPERGLOW Head-Toe-Toe Oil anywhere?

SUPERGLOW Head-To-Toe Oil and Butters can be used on your whole body, feet, scalp, and hair! As a common sense caution we do suggest you avoid your eye area and use your personal discretion on delicate areas like your face, nipples, and genitals. When in doubt, patch test for 24hrs prior to application.

Can I cook with it, eat it, or use it for oil pulling (oral swishing)?

NO!!! OMG NO!!! SUPERGLOW Oils, butters, & scrubs are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY!
While most of the ingredients in our products may be all-natural and recognizable from your foods and supplements, these formulations are not suitable AT ALL for ingestion.

What is the difference between the golden, bronze, and rose gold Head-To-Toe oils?

The formulation in our 3 oils is identical except for the color shimmer.

Does the oil/butter transfer to clothing?

Natural oils are a pain to get off of some fabrics and surfaces. Especially castor oil, which is one of the oils featured in our Head-To-Toe oil blend. We recommend using a conservative amount during application (a little goes a long way!), and waiting until it is mostly absorbed before putting on your Sunday’s best. We also suggest not sitting your bottles and jars on unfinished wood or any surfaces that you do not want oil on.

I have an almond/nut allergy. Can I use your products?

All of our products contain sweet almond oil and some contain avocado oil as well. Depending on the severity of your allergy it absolutely can extend to how you are affected by beauty and personal care products. Better to err on the side of caution and avoid using any products you think may trigger your nut sensitivities, including ours.

Do my products have an expiration date?

SUPERGLOW Products do not contain any unnatural preservatives. Our products are formulated for a low possibility of rancidity. Unopened, most SUPERGLOW products have a shelf life of 2 years unless otherwise specified on your product’s label or information card. Once opened, please try to finish your product within a year. Store your SUPERGLOW products in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, keeping water and other contaminants out to maximize its potency and shelf life.

How long will one 8oz bottle of SUPERGLOW Head-To-Toe Oil last me?

This depends on what you decide to use it for. A little goes a long way, and it can be used from head-to-toe. If you use your oil to spot treat rough areas, or for your hair/scalp only, it will last longer than using it regularly for full body application. Many of our GLOWbabes start with two bottles in their first order, and then decide from there how often to reorder.

How often should I exfoliate my body with the SUPERGLOW Coffee Scrub?

Depending on skin type, once or twice a week is sufficient. Remember to be gentle and take care not to over exfoliate the skin.

Can I use the scrubs on my face?

Please avoid your face with any mechanical scrubs of any brand. Our scrubs/body polishes can be used from the neck down and feel really good on tired feet. Always use on moistened skin in GENTLE circular motions and be very careful not to slip, as these are still oil-based products. Use from a seated position on feet and rinse before standing.

Can I use your products while pregnant to prevent stretch marks?

We have many women who raved about using SUPERGLOW butter &/or oils while pregnant. Skin sensitivity can change throughout pregnancy so we do suggest patch testing first even if you have used our products prior to pregnancy. And when in doubt, as with anything else, please consult your physician.

What do SUPERGLOW products smell like?

SUPERGLOW products have a pleasant, delicate scent due to the therapeutic grade essential oils used in our blends: Lavender, blood orange, black pepper, and vanillin. While their primary functions are for their holistic benefits (calming, anti-inflammatory, boosting circulation, etc.), they form a joyful signature scent that helps to cancel out the earthy smell unscented natural products tend to have. This scent, however, will not overpower or compete with your perfumes/colognes the way products scented with synthetic fragrance oils tend to do.
Our coffee scrub does contain our signature essential oil blend but it pretty much smells like delicious coffee.

Do you have any promo codes I can use?

Our current promotions are posted on our social media pages. We are @SUPERGLOWoil on all platforms.